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A balloon sleeve dress is an amazing way to add sass and wow-factor to your outfit. At STELLA NOVA we create unique dresses with the gorgeous voluminous balloon sleeves in various designs that cater to different tastes. Balloon sleeves are the perfect way to elevate any outfit and add elegance and boldness with fine details. Find your new balloon dress today at STELLA NOVA.

Uniquely bold prints and colours

At STELLA NOVA we believe each item in your wardrobe should be an expression of who you are. You should wear your treasured item with great confidence and comfort. That’s why we design dresses with bold and unique prints and colours in thought-through and daring designs as well as designs that are more down-to-earth yet still possess great attention to detail. 

We often use contrasting colours in our bold designs to help you stand out in the crowd whereas our more down-to-earth designs express their uniqueness through elegant details. Our unique creations are made to cater to your individuality so you can feel like the most fierce version of yourself in a STELLA NOVA piece.

Make a statement with midi and maxi balloon sleeve dresses 

Let the length of your dress do the talking as well by choosing either a midi- or a maxi dress with balloon sleeves. Midi dresses are great for warmer weather and for a more upbeat look whereas maxi dresses are great for colder days and for adding elegance to your look. If you are looking for midi- or maxi dresses with other kinds of sleeves we’ve got you covered. No matter what the most important thing is always that you feel like the best version of yourself in your STELLA NOVA creation. 

Elevate your wardrobe and touch the skies with STELLA NOVA

Check out our full wardrobe of dresses today and find exactly the piece that will elevate your look today. You will find both bold sparkly dresses, maxi dresses with wild prints, feminine mini dresses with a loose fit and much more. Go explore today, let your fantasy run wild and remember there are no rules.