A blazer is a sure way to make any outfit stand out and look more classy. With a gorgeous blazer from STELLA NOVA you can be sure to make a statement. In our wardrobe you will find both unique and versatile women’s blazers that can accompany you to work, the dinner party or onto the dancefloor. 

Regular or oversized blazer fit?

In our wardrobe you will find both oversized blazers and regular fit blazers for women in bold but also earthy colours. Both types of blazers create different expressions. Oversized blazers are perfect for creating a stylish yet comfortable look because they let you move freely. You can effectively match your oversized blazer with a belt to enhance your feminine silhouette. 

Regular fit blazers are amazing for the person who wants a piece of clothing that will never go out of style. A STELLA NOVA blazer is sure to become a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. 

Make a statement with a blazer matching set

A matching set is a sure way of making a statement. We create new wardrobes four times annually and in every wardrobe you can find pieces you can mix and match to create the exact expression you want. 

We name our sets the same name, so it is easy for you to find the trousers or top that match the blazer you want. 

Take care of your cherished items

All of our items come with instructions of how to take the best care of them. Most of our blazers are dry-clean only and should be ironed on low heat. When you handle your clothes with care they last longer and look great year after year. 

Conscious blazer designs made to last

At STELLA NOVA we work with conscious contrasts, as we think that only where opposites meet, is it possible to create a new story. Our playful and unique items are sure to become cherished items in your wardrobe that you can proudly wear year after year. Especially blazers tend to become permanent parts of our lives, so make sure you choose one that expresses who you are:

I speak the truth when I tell you that my wardrobe touches the skies.