Trousers with a high waist are a must-have that offers both style, comfort and versatility. At STELLA NOVA you will find high waisted trousers for women in flattering designs as well as bold and colourful patterns that can express your individuality. Whether you’re looking for high waisted trousers for a formal event or a casual day out, you can find both right here in STELLA NOVA’s universe. Find your forever trousers at STELLA NOVA. 

Express your style with high waisted trousers for women

It’s easy to either dress high waisted trousers up or down as you can mix and match them with different tops, shirts and blouses to create the exact outfit that expresses who you are. You can either let one of our colourful and playful high waisted trousers for women in bold prints do all the talking or invest in single-coloured trousers and combine them with a beautiful top. Remember there are no limitations so if you want to go all in on colours - we say reach for the skies. 

Discover elegance with women’s tailored trousers

Among STELLA’s wardrobe you will find tailored trousers for women that will elevate your look whether you’re spending a day at the office or you’re out in town. These tailored trousers offer both style and versatility with their flattering and feminine silhouette. Tailored trousers express elegance and are the perfect way to add a dash of professionalism and class to your wardrobe. 

A multitude of designs and styles

We believe that if you invest in clothes that truly express who you are, you will keep it for longer. That’s why you will find a wide range of gorgeous designs with thought-through details and bold colours and prints in STELLA’s universe of trousers and pants. At STELLA NOVA there is something for everyone that can become a treasured part of your wardrobe. 

Be the light with STELLA’s wardrobe

In a world full of monotone colours and similarity, you can choose to stand out with one of STELLA’s stunning high waisted trousers. Whether you’re looking for denim trousers, cargopants, tailored trousers or something completely different you can find it in STELLA’s treasure chest of quality pieces. When fashion is leaning towards muted tones and playing it safe, our trousers with high waists allow you to shine your brightest and make a statement. 


Experiment with different bold combinations and remember with STELLA NOVA, there are no rules - only endless possibilities.