Stella Nova Sweater Sweater 209 JadeStella Nova Sweater Sweater 209 Jade
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Sweater - Jade

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A STELLA NOVA sweater is for the woman who wants and knows quality. STELLA NOVA sweaters are designed to become a permanent part of your wardrobe and to be an expression of who you are. Our innovative and contrast filled designs are sure to add great joy to your every day. Have a look at our wardrobe of gorgeous womens sweaters and find your next forever piece. 

Stay warm with STELLA NOVA sweaters

We’ve chosen materials for our sweaters that are sure to keep you warm. In our wardrobes you can find sweaters made from 100% alpaca wool, that are handmade by female craftsmen in Peru. You’ll find natural sweaters made from 100% wool in beautiful contrast filled patterns and bold jumpers with exciting embroidery details made from organic cotton, wool and nylon that all come together to create a soft piece of fabric that is sure to make you feel comfortable. 

Evermore products 

We have all stood with a piece of clothing in our hands and suddenly remembered we’ve had it for years. That piece of clothing has fulfilled several needs to still have a place in your wardrobe: it’s been able to flatter your body throughout the years, it’s made from lasting materials and you feel great in it. 

At STELLA NOVA we create designs meant to last for life. The right piece of clothing that expresses exactly who you are is sure to become a permanent part of your wardrobe. Our designs at STELLA NOVA are created to flatter your body wherever you are at in life. 

Take good care of your sweater

To make sure your sweater stays fresh and looks sharp for years to come you need to take good care of it. Instead of washing your knitted sweaters you can often hang them out to air to freshen them up since too much washing can take its toll on the fine fibres of the yarn. 

If you wash your wool sweaters make sure to use soap specifically made for wool products and wash them by hand. By taking great care of your sweater you can make sure your treasured item looks classy for years. 

Express yourself and be the backlash against the mainstream with a beautiful STELLA NOVA sweater. Let your fantasy run wild and remember there are no rules.