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Long sleeved dresses are a fantastic way to stay elegant and warm and to be fashionable in no time. With a long sleeved dress you can create a stylish and gorgeous look without having to worry about adding layers. STELLA NOVA-long sleeved dresses are made to make you feel like you are expressing exactly who you are through bold designs and exciting colours. 

Find your next fabulous long sleeved midi or long sleeved maxi dress in STELLA NOVA’s creative and elevated wardrobe.

A dress for all seasons

At STELLA NOVA we compose new wardrobes four times annually, one for every season of the year. We design clothes that are meant to stay with you for all seasons of your life by creating individualistic and bold pieces that will become a treasured part of your wardrobe. A long sleeved dress is bound to become a permanent part of your wardrobe as you can use it all year round. The long sleeves will immediately give you an elevated look while keeping you warm. 

Should I go for a long sleeved midi or -maxi dress?

Long sleeves on a dress will always add elegance, so the length of your dress can help create a more exclusive or fresh look. STELLA NOVA’s long sleeved maxi dresses are an excellent choice if you want something more elegant and warm whereas our long sleeved midi dresses are great for more casual events such as a garden party. The most important thing is always that you feel comfortable in your dress so you shine the brightest. 

Step it up with a cheeky and individualistic mini dress

At STELLA NOVA we design dresses for every occasion and if you need a dress that’s perfect for summer days or a party with your friends a mini dress is just the thing. A mini dress is both cute, comfortable and lets you move freely. Our mini dresses are statement pieces made from a combination of carefully selected materials that join together to create a design that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. 

Discover your forever dress in STELLA NOVA’s wardrobe

In STELLA NOVA’s wardrobe you will always find a wide range of gorgeous and playful dresses for every season that make you stand out from the crowd. Go explore our wardrobe of dresses today and find your new forever piece. 


May you enjoy STELLA’s wardrobe as much as we do…