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A midi dress is an incredible addition to any wardrobe as they are versatile dresses that can easily be dressed up or down for different occasions. STELLA NOVAs midi dresses and midi shirt dresses are playful and bold mixes of carefully chosen colours, prints, stripes and embroidery that come together to create dresses that express exactly who you are and that will become treasured pieces in your wardrobe. 

Create a fearless outfit by entering STELLA’s universe.

Flaunt your fabulous footwear in a midi dress

A midi dress ends anywhere between the knee and the ankle which makes it a fantastic dress to show off your footwear in. You can use your choice of shoe to either dress down or dress up depending on the occasion you’re wearing the dress to. Wear your versatile STELLA NOVA statement piece with sneakers to the office and change into heels for the party at night. STELLA NOVAs playful midi dresses full of gorgeous prints and contrasts can be matched with both statement and minimalist shoes to express your individuality. 

Let your sleeves do the talking

When buying dresses it’s not just about whether to choose a midi, maxi or mini dress. Sleeves are a big part of the design. That’s why, when you enter Stella’s wardrobe, you will find a range of different beautiful sleeves. Our long sleeved dresses are amazing for instantly creating an elevated look that’ll keep you warm and make you stylish in no time whereas our short sleeved dresses are feminine and chic additions that can easily be styled by adding layers or accessories. 

Midi dresses that will become part of your universe

STELLA NOVA dresses are made to become a permanent part of your wardrobe as they are designed to compliment your body for years to come. At STELLA NOVA we believe that clothing should reflect who you are and one of the best ways to do that is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Our designs are made to last a lifetime as they are made to flatter your body and style for all seasons of your life. 

Explore STELLA’s wardrobe of dresses

Whether you need a classic and elegant black cocktail dress in a bold design, a romantic midi shirt dress with gorgeous puff sleeves or a feminine and flowy silk dress with a romantic print you will find it in STELLA’s wardrobe of dresses


Go explore today, let your fantasy run wild and remember there are no rules.