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A puff sleeve dress is a perfect way to add volume to your shoulders in a bold, elegant and feminine way. At STELLA NOVA we create items that are made to express exactly who you are and our puff sleeve dresses are nothing short of that. Explore our gorgeous wardrobe of puff sleeves dresses full of exciting prints, exquisite details and tasteful colours and find the one that tells your story.

Create an hourglass shape with puff sleeve dresses

By adding volume to your shoulders with a gorgeous puff sleeve dress you can accentuate your waist which creates the look of an hourglass shape. Puff sleeves can be a statement-detail in themselves which means that just by putting on your STELLA NOVA puff sleeve dress you are showing off your best features and letting your personality shine through. 

Stand out from the crowd

Each STELLA NOVA piece is created to tell its own story - and more importantly, to tell YOUR story. By using lots of prints, stripes, checks and colours and embroideries, as well as high quality materials, we create designs made to cater to the individual woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. Speak your truth with confidence in a playful or elegant puff sleeve dress from STELLA’s universe. 

Mini-, midi- and maxi dresses from STELLA’s wardrobe

In STELLA’s wardrobe of puff sleeve dresses you will find dresses in different lengths that all create different expressions. Whether you want a short and fun dress or a long and elegant dress we’ve got just the item for you. Mix and match your mini-, midi, or maxi dresses with a pair of high heels and bold earrings for a party or wear it with a pair of sneakers for the everyday. Items from STELLA NOVA are created to be versatile pieces that give you that feeling of confidence whether it’s in the office or on the dance floor. 

Feel classy in a white or black puff sleeve dress

Our dresses are designed to become a permanent part of your wardrobe and with a classic white or black dress you will easily have found a new forever-piece. White and black dresses emanate elegance and class. They may be down to earth colours, but with STELLA’s innovative design and eye for detail you’ll never find a boring item among her wardrobe. 

Let your fantasy run wild and remember there are no rules.