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A short sleeved dress is an incredibly flattering piece to have as part of your wardrobe. The short sleeves create a feminine and delicate look. With bold and contrast-filled colours, prints and materials, STELLA NOVA’s short sleeved dresses are made to express exactly who you are and can be worn for any occasion. We believe in versatile designs that communicate who you are as an individual and our short sleeved dresses are nothing short of that. 

Explore STELLA’s wardrobe today and find your must-have short sleeved dress.

Is a short sleeved midi, maxi or mini dress the right choice for me?

Whether you choose a midi, maxi or mini dress depends completely on how you feel about yourself wearing it. The different lengths have their own advantages, as maxi dresses create an elevated look while keeping you warm, whereas our midi dresses and mini dresses are better for warmer days and more casual events. 

In the end however, it’s all about preference. At STELLA NOVA we believe that clothing should reflect who you are. With the right accessories a short sleeved mini dress can be just as elegant as a maxi dress. What matters is that you feel incredible wearing it and all STELLA NOVA dresses are made just for that. 

A short sleeve that fits like a glove

When you explore our wardrobe of short sleeved dresses, you will quickly find that short sleeved dresses can mean more than one thing. Short sleeves can be made with ruffles, as a collar or as cute puff sleeves and come in different lengths from anywhere just over the shoulder and down to your elbow. At STELLA NOVA we create short sleeved dresses in various lengths that caters to every want or need. 

Be the light that shines

In STELLA’s wardrobe you are always guaranteed to find creative and elegant mixes of stripes, prints, checks, colours and embroideries that create subtle and beautiful items that help express your personality to the world. In a world where colours are often muted you can choose to light up among the crowd with a fantastic STELLA NOVA piece. 

Your wardrobe is your treasure chest

To create a sustainable wardrobe you need items that you will cherish and keep for years to come. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in quality clothing that you feel great wearing and that communicates you and your style. STELLA NOVA’s mission is exactly this - to create unique and bold items that will become treasures in your wardrobe. 

Tell your story through STELLA’s wardrobe.