Creativity and versatility is at the heart of everything we do at STELLA NOVA which is expressed in our beautiful wardrobe of stylish and flattering skirts. Our skirts are created with a goal of becoming a permanent part of your wardrobe. Find exactly the piece that you will treasure for years to come in STELLA NOVA’s wardrobe. 

Creative and innovative design 

At STELLA NOVA we aim to create the perfect must-have wardrobe where every style consists of little treasures, that each tell their own story. That’s why you’ll find the designs of our skirts are made to be cherished. You’ll find delightful and colourful patterns as well as bold and modern materials in our wardrobe that’ll become your forevermore item. 

Skirts guaranteed to flatter you

Whether you enjoy wearing sophisticated midi skirts with a slim fit that hugs your curves, or you want to pep things up with a fun and colourful mini skirt, we’ve got you covered. In our wardrobes you will always find a skirt in a length that suits your comfortability and style. 

Dress yourself in natural and comfortable materials

We choose to work with materials that are natural and comfortable to wear. That’s why you’ll find skirts in our wardrobes made from materials such as soft and insulating lambswool and soft nylon. Our polyester skirts will create a beautiful flow around you as you walk and flatter your silhouette. When we choose materials, we think about how the fabric can highlight the best features of you and how to make your comfort optimal. 

Give yourself a twirl 

A skirt is a magnificent way to have freedom to mix and match your clothes. You can pair one of our beautiful skirts with one of our creative tops and put together an outfit that communicates who you are. Give yourself a little twirl in one of our feminine and eye-catching skirts and feel the power of yourself:

I speak the truth when I tell you that my wardrobe touches the skies.