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A dress is so much more than a piece of clothing. It’s a way of expressing who you are to the world. Be bold and loud in one of STELLA NOVA’s beautiful smock dresses today and make a statement. Our smock dresses are comfortable with a roomy fit that creates the most flattering shape. A cute smock dress is a celebration of life with its loose and lively design. Find the smock dress from STELLA NOVA that will light up your world today.

Potential to unlock

We all know that feeling of confidence that comes with wearing something comfortable yet stylish, which at the same time expresses exactly your taste. You feel more confident and radiant. In one of our beautiful smock dresses you can achieve exactly that feeling of freedom and confidence. A free flowing fit, sleeves tailored to flatter, and gorgeous materials all come together to unlock your potential.

Smock dresses for women for all seasons

At STELLA NOVA we create four new wardrobes annually - one for every season. Every item in each wardrobe is also created to be able to follow you every season of your life. By creating unique items we cater to the bold and beautiful individuals who treasure their fashion items all life through. By finding a smock dress with the exact pattern that expresses your personality, you’ll keep it for life, through thick and thin. 

Stay cosy in a long-sleeved smock dress

A long-sleeved smock dress is the perfect way to combine cuteness and cosiness. The long sleeves will provide you warmth and the loose fit of the smock dress’ design will create life and movement. Long sleeves will always be an elegant choice as well and will add maturity and sophistication to the youthful designs smock dresses carry. 

Your wardrobe is your treasure chest

At STELLA NOVA we believe that your wardrobe is your treasure chest and each item an important part of that treasure. That is why we create timeless yet trendy dresses that transcend time, so you can continue to wear your STELLA NOVA piece proudly year after year. Explore our universe of bold designs and elegant colours today and find exactly the STELLA NOVA smock dress that possesses all the features that makes it a treasure to you.