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At STELLA NOVA you are sure to find gorgeous swimwear for women made to express who you are as an individual. We create colourful swimwear full of contrast which is expressed in both our choice of materials and designs. Find your next bikini or swimsuit in our unique wardrobes. 

Have fun in the deep end with STELLA NOVA swimwear

STELLA NOVA creations are made to be daring and full of contrast. With swimwear from our wardrobes you are sure to make a statement at the pool or at the beach. We have a focus on playfulness and innovation and each piece of our clothing line tells its own story. With swimwear from STELLA NOVA you can tell your story too. 

Materials chosen for your comfort

Our swimwear is made from carefully chosen fabrics that allow free and safe movement while keeping you comfortable the whole time. STELLA NOVA swimwear is created with an outer layer of nylon and spandex and an inner layer of polyester and spandex which are chosen for their functionality:

  • Nylon is a fast drying and lightweight fabric.
  • Polyester is more hydrophobic and therefore dries even faster than nylon which makes it the ideal inner layer. 
  • Spandex makes sure that our swimwear hugs your body just right. 

Enhance your comfort with one of our beautiful bikinis or swimsuits. 

Stay afloat with functional swimwear

Besides keeping you comfortable, our swimwear is made to be functional. You can easily remove the straps to avoid tan lines and the straps can be tied in new and creative ways. Many of our swimwear pieces come with a smock part that allows more flexibility when you breathe and move. 

Create outfits around your swimwear

You can easily make your bikini or swimsuit a part of a beautiful outfit. Match one of our swimsuits with a pair of our cute shorts or one of the many gorgeous and breezy skirts you find on our website. When you make your swimwear part of your outfit you’re ready to get to the beach in no time. 

May you enjoy Stella’s wardrobe as much as we do.