T-shirt / Tops

Tops and T-shirts 

A t-shirt is a must have item in any wardrobe and you can never go wrong with having a beautiful top amongst the treasured pieces in your closet. Looking at our wardrobe of eye-catching tops and flattering t-shirts for women you are guaranteed to find a piece that will express your style. Find your next cherished top at STELLA NOVA.

Tops and T-shirts as an expression of the self

STELLA NOVA clothing is designed to become an expression of the self. Fashion is a way of inaudibly communicating who you are to the world and with one of our creative and bold designs you can be the confident backlash against the mainstream where everyone looks alike, and nothing really stands out. Whether you want your top or t-shirt to be a showstopper or a subtle way of voicing yourself you’ll find it at STELLA NOVA. 

A play of contrast and colour

Lots of prints, stripes, checks, colours and embroideries are always playfully mixed in an easy and informal way to create the true and well-known Stella universe. In a world full of muted colours and discretion you can choose to be the contrast with one of our playful designs. A beautiful mesh top with cute details is perfect for a picnic with your friends in the summer and our statement t-shirts are sure to make any outfit more casual and raw. 

T-shirts: A zesty addition

A top or t-shirt is an easy way to add energy to a casual outfit or to spice it up even further. A STELLA NOVA creation is the ideal way of creating a fearless outfit that compliments your personality and body. We create fun creations for women with pastel colours and floral patterns that can easily be toned down or up with whatever pieces you choose to match them with.

Something for every body

In our wardrobe you’ll find a whole range of different sizes and designs that flatter by far most body types. Our clothes should keep up with our beautiful and ever changing bodies and that is a focus point at STELLA NOVA when we create our designs. 

May you enjoy Stella’s wardrobe as much as we do.