A vest jacket is a versatile and fashionable addition to any woman’s wardrobe as it offers both fashion and function. Vest jackets keep your body warm without overheating while being a stylish piece that allows you to express your individuality. At STELLA NOVA you will find gorgeous vest jackets in bold colours and thought-through design that combine creativity and quality. Find your treasured vest jacket right here in STELLA’s universe. 

Discover elegance with STELLA NOVA’s vest jackets

At STELLA NOVA we love to combine bold designs and bright colors to make you feel like you can truly express yourself. Our vest jackets for women are created to do just this while keeping you cosy. You will find vest jackets in different lengths that cater to individual styles. A shorter women’s vest jacket is perfect for a fresh look whereas length always adds elegance to your outfit. 

Use your women’s vest jacket all year round

A sleeveless vest jacket for women is not only for transitional use in spring or autumn. With a cosy woolen jumper and good insulating base layers you can easily use your vest jacket during winter as well. The vest jackets with belts can be tied to create even more insulation on the cold days. A STELLA NOVA-vest jacket is a versatile investment that can accompany you throughout the seasons of the year as well as life. 

Discover your true colours with STELLA’s vest jackets

Embrace your uniqueness with a creative and bold vest jacket from STELLA NOVA’s wardrobe. If you’re seeking a chic and individualistic look a vest jacket can be just that for you. Our clothes are a way of communicating who we are to the world and by choosing a piece that feels like you, you can shine bright and be your truest self. 

Explore STELLA’s universe of unique jackets for women

If you want to nail the cosy part of your wardrobe with the exact vests and jackets that suit your style, explore STELLA’s unique wardrobe of jackets for women. Here you will find both longer and shorter coats from quality materials such as denim and wool in beautiful designs. Explore quilted oversized coats, short denim jackets and versatile leather-like trench coats and much more in STELLA’s world of jackets. 


Speak your truth with the jacket from STELLA NOVA that tells your story.