Handmade knit in Peru

In a suburb of Lima, Peru, a fiery soul has started a working community for women with whom STELLA NOVA has an ongoing collaboration. The women, who normally have difficulty finding a job due to different life circumstances, are given an opportunity to create a life for themselves and their families.

Our hand-knitted styles are made by using traditional methods to achieve superior quality. All the yarns come from local Alpacas. Alpacas are members of the camel family, domesticated by the people of the Peruvian Andes 6,000 years ago for food, fuel, and fiber. 

STELLA NOVA is proud and grateful to be a part of this collaboration.
When buying a hand-knitted STELLA NOVA style from Peru, you will also contribute to a responsible and sustainable value chain and lifestyle. At the same time, you will enjoy a soft and luxurious alpaca knit of the highest quality.
The objective is to recognize and value individual labor competencies and contribute to the empowerment and self-esteem of individuals. We want to create job opportunities and improve living standards while ensuring our products reach the expected quality.