Stella Nova Shiny padded bag Accessories 411 Dark OilStella Nova Shiny padded bag Accessories 411 Dark Oil
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Stella Nova Knitted hat Hat 158 Pale Lime YellowStella Nova Knitted hat Hat 158 Pale Lime Yellow
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At STELLA NOVA we know that accessories should be more than just for perfecting outfits. That’s why you will find both functional accessories as well as accessories made to spice up your outfit in our wardrobes. STELLA NOVA accessories such as hats, bags and collars are sure to add creativity and boldness to your outfit. 

An accessory for every season

At STELLA NOVA we create four wardrobes annually and you are sure to always find accessories that match the season. You can for example find gorgeous hats that are made from soft and comfortable materials such as wool, cotton and nylon. Although our wardrobes and therefore accessories vary, our focal point is always the creation of the perfect must-have items where every style consists of little treasures that you will want now and forever.

Bag it up

At any time of the year you will find functional and sturdy bags in our wardrobes. You can never go wrong with having a stylish and original STELLA NOVA tote bag on your shoulder. You can also find bags such as belt bags that add an industrial and sophisticated feel to your outfit amongst our accessories. Be sure to always have somewhere fashionable to store your things while on the move with a bag from STELLA NOVA. 

Complete your outfit with accessories

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where our outfit needs that one thing to make it complete. With accessories you can easily perfect your outfits whether it’s by adding a unique bag, some classy shades or a hat in a bold colour. The accessories at STELLA NOVA can easily be matched across styles and colour palettes to create a personalised and original that becomes a backlash against the mainstream. 

Accessories for creative souls

The designer and creative director behind STELLA NOVA is Trine Skoller whose creativity shines through every single item in STELLA NOVA’s wardrobes. Every item from STELLA NOVA is created with an original and playful approach which creates unique pieces that quickly earn permanent residency in women’s wardrobes. 

Find exactly the accessory you can’t live without at STELLA NOVA.