STELLA NOVA shorts are made for women who want innovation, quality and boldness when it comes to design. You can always find a gorgeous selection of shorts at STELLA NOVA that is sure to keep you both fashionable and breezy. We create unique shorts that are made to become a permanent part of your wardrobe, so go on and explore the STELLA NOVA universe and find your next treasured item for summer. 

Shorts that will flatter you

At STELLA NOVA we aim to create sustainable pieces that you can enjoy wearing year after year. Part of that is to create designs that will flatter your body no matter what. That’s why most of our shorts have a wide leg and an elastic waistband that creates the flexibility we all need. Feel comfortable and fashionable in STELLA NOVA shorts. 

Individuality at the heart of everything

We wish that you express your mood and your personality with exactly the pieces that make sense to you. We understand the eternal hunt for the unique and personal and the exquisite happiness of expressing yourself. 

You will see this by how we combine carefully chosen materials, bold and sophisticated patterns and exciting colours. Once you find your cherished piece of clothing that flatters your silhouette and that communicates your personality you will keep it as one of your forever items. 

A little something for everyone

If popping colours and bold patterns are not for you, but you still wish to go on a little adventure when it comes to how you dress, we are here for you. In each one of our wardrobes you will find both exciting statement pieces but also items in natural or neutral colours with a little twist that will add that little bit of audacity that you’re craving. 

We’ve picked the best fabrics

When you invest in shorts from STELLA NOVA you are guaranteed carefully selected materials. Our shorts are made from both 100% cotton that lets your skin breathe and from a mix between polyester and cotton, which creates a soft fabric that will flow beautifully with your movements. 

May you enjoy Stella’s wardrobe as much as we do