Trine: There is an old saying - "Clothes make the man"... is there any truth to that?

Pernille: Yes, definitely... We communicate a lot through our choice of clothing. Whether it's a conscious or unconscious decision, how you dress says a lot about you. My own way of dressing often goes in many directions, but it always starts with my mood.

Trine: That's actually one of the reasons I love creating clothes... Supporting a person's personality. Clothing is like a business card to the world. Can you think it can be perceived as a kind of style confusion when you stage each day in a new way?

Pernille: I don't see it as staging. It's just an impulsive way of dressing, and every day is different.

Trine: That's actually the story behind "One Week Wardrobe," the clothing you're photographed in. The idea is that each day has a theme and a name because each day is different with its own needs and opportunities. For example, Rodeo Tuesday, Workwear Wednesday, and Glam Saturday... It's the thought that we all need to express ourselves through our dress, so why not let each day have its own name and story?

Pernille: Exactly - and in that way, clothing is an extension of our mood, and of course, it should be coordinated with our activities... There are unwritten rules, for example, about dressing for funerals, and I certainly follow them.

Trine: Yes, dressing is also a kind of cultural community where we signal which tribe we belong to... It's also inspiring to delve into. And then there's the matter of good quality... I know that plays a really important role for you in your store Tootsie, where you sell vintage and high-quality second-hand clothing and accessories - what is good quality for you?

Pernille: Yes, I don't fall for everything, and I certainly don't sell everything. It must pass the quality detector and mood inspection... my nose smells quality, and I don't care if it's new or old if it's made properly. It must be good materials, proper cutting, and craftsmanship. Since I've been a stylist and costume designer for so many years in film and advertising, I have a trained eye for good and bad quality, and my fingertips can immediately sense if it's well-made. So, good quality for me is when it's worth preserving.

Trine: I feel the same way, and it's also something we talk a lot about at STELLA NOVA - things should be well-made and, not least, under proper conditions... We spend a lot of time and resources investigating that. Likewise, my dream and vision are that it's clothing you want to put on and take care of, so it lasts for many years, and you use it again and again.

Pernille: That's the most important thing for me... And clothes should speak to you, bring joy and excitement, and in that way, they are little works of art that make a difference.

Trine: Exactly, and I'm not in doubt about what I like and don't like... It can go in many different directions... But it's precisely the fun that new combinations can create new expressions, and that's what it takes for us to evolve. This also applies to food, decor, etc... we just must be happy that boundaries are shifting, and new expressions are emerging. It's also evident in your new store Tootsie on Gl. Kongevej in Frederiksberg, which you and your husband Leif have created... It's absolutely fantastic, and you are incredibly talented at creating universes. The store is a clear example of that. But it's funny that you have a store... At the same time, I sense that you don’t like to part with things... How does that fit together?

Pernille: The thrill for me is in finding the clothes... That's what gives me a kick. Over the years, I've accumulated a fairly extensive costume collection that I use when working on commercials and films, and I can't justify just keeping it in storage. I also love dressing people, scanning them, making them shine, and feeding them with good experiences, and they absolutely don't get to buy anything if I don't think it suits them... Because I’d prefer to keep it all for myself.

Trine: What about Bornholm... I know it has also become a place that means a lot to you, and how did that come about?

Pernille: As a family and with friends, we've always spent a lot of time there, and suddenly there was an opportunity to buy Nansens Gaard in Svaneke, and we jumped into it with some friends. It's a Bed and Breakfast and a place where you can host parties and other events... There are many possibilities, and it's a fun project. Leif has moved there and lives there permanently, also taking care of the entire renovation, which is a huge job, but he's good at it, and it's a completely new way for us to be together. We've been a couple for 35 years and are good at working together. I miss him in everyday life, but I also find it fun and challenging with this new life and diving into a new project together.

Trine: I think you're impressive in your enterprise and uncompromising attitude because I know that everything becomes super nice and well-made when you're involved. Clothes may make the man, but you create experiences for the rest of us. Leif is also the creator of Granola, one of Copenhagen's finest and coziest cafes... It's well done that you're now embarking on a store and a Bornholm Bed and Breakfast... You're cool, and I wish you all the best with the new projects. 

Thank you for your time, dear Pernille... it's been a pleasure.