Blouses / Shirts

In our wardrobe of unique blouses for women you’ll find innovative and contrast filled designs that are sure to spice up any outfit. At STELLA NOVA we create distinctive clothing created to express exactly your individuality. A blouse is an easy way to add some colour or a sophisticated pattern to your outfit. Find your next treasured blouse at STELLA NOVA.

A permanent part of your wardrobe

At STELLA NOVA we create beautiful designs that are made to last a lifetime. Our blouses are made from high quality materials that will stand the test of time. Our bold and playful styles are created to express who you are as an individual and thereby become a permanent part of your closet. 

We’ve got something for every taste

Some people shy away from words such as contrast and daring designs and therefore we’ve got something for everybody at STELLA NOVA. With a blouse from STELLA NOVA you can create a stylish muted look with a classic black or dark green blouse and still make a subtle statement because of our original designs. If dauntless colours and contrast is music to your ears you can always find exciting patterns and statement colours in our wardrobe of gorgeous women’s blouses. 

Designs for life

As we age and go through every season of life our bodies change. To create sustainable fashion we must create clothing that can stay with us through those changes. At STELLA NOVA we design clothes that will compliment your body no matter what age you are and where you are at on your passage through life. 

A blouse to brighten up the world

We all know the feeling of being comfortable with what we wear. With being proud of what we are wearing. It creates a sense of confidence that shines bright. A blouse is a simple way to make a statement or spice up an outfit that needs a little zest and give you that confident feeling.

Lots of prints, stripes, checks, colours and embroideries are always playfully mixed in an easy and informal way to create the true and well-known Stella universe. 

Find your next blouse in the Stella universe.