In our wardrobe of pants you will find gorgeous designs full of contrast and colour. Your pants can easily be the statement piece that makes your outfit stand out. At STELLA NOVA we create women's pants that fit your day at the office, the coffee you’re grabbing with your friends and when you need to shine bright on a night out. 

Find exactly the pants you will treasure in STELLA NOVA’s wardrobe. 

Be the centre of attention with the perfect pair of pants

Pants never had to be dull. Pants never had to be skinny and unadventurous. Pants never had to give way, so the top could get all the hype. 

With STELLA NOVA pants you can let your pants be the centre of attention because we create exciting designs with lots of prints, checks and colours. You’ll find our pants in fashionable designs such as carrot shaped that create elegant volume, high waisted and wide legged jeans that make you give off those 70s vibes with a modern twist and wide fit plushy pants in beautiful pastels. 

Create a matching set

To create the ultimate statement you can put together matching sets with several of our pants and tops. Most of our denim items match each other beautifully and many of our pastel coloured items can be mixed and matched across colour palettes. Our designs are created to stir up your creativity and our patterned items can create sophisticated sets that express exactly your individuality. 

Pants in gorgeous materials that flatter you

At STELLA NOVA we create pants in materials that are sure to be both comfortable and flattering. We have chosen materials such as silk that’ll feel soft and breezy against your skin. Our denim jeans are made from natural materials like 100% cotton which makes it easier for your skin to breathe. Our clothing made from polyester is both comfortable and made to move effortlessly with you. 

When we feel comfortable in our clothes we keep it for longer and we feel more confident and that’s why the shape and design of our pants are created to let you move freely. 

Find exactly the women’s pants that’ll make you feel strong and glowing at STELLA NOVA.