When it comes to embracing your personal style and spicing up an outfit in a cute and feminine way, nothing speaks volumes quite like a short skirt or a mini skirt. At STELLA NOVA we understand the art of self-expression and our collection of short skirts and mini skirts prove just that. With bold designs, an innovative use of prints, colours and embroidery, we create playful and informal skirts that invite you to truly express who you are.

Elevate your look with short skirts and mini skirts

Short skirts are more than just fashion choices - they’re statements of confidence and vitality. Designed with attention to detail each of STELLA NOVA’s wardrobes has mini skirts and short skirts in an array of exciting prints, playful patterns and tasteful colours. Each skirt in STELLA’s universe is a canvas waiting for your personal touch, inviting you to become the best version of yourself. 

Experience the versatility of STELLA NOVA

At STELLA NOVA we believe in versatility. When clothes are versatile we are more likely to keep them for longer, so they become little treasures in our wardrobes. STELLA’s wardrobe of short skirts and mini skirts reflect just that. Mix and match your skirt with various tops, shoes or accessories to create the exact look and vibe you wish. Whether you’re in for a day at the office or dancing the night away, our skirts are designed to compliment any occasion. 

Make a statement with STELLA’s universe

Our skirts are more than just clothing - they’re a way of expressing yourself. Much like our checkered dresses and maxi dresses, our skirts are created to empower you to tell your story confidently. Stand out from the ordinary with a bold mini skirt and embrace your inner fashionista. There are no limits to creativity within STELLA’s universe. 

Be the star of your own story

Unleash your imagination with STELLA NOVA short skirts and mini skirts. Short skirts don’t always have to be a flirty addition to an outfit but can be reinvented in whatever way that truly expresses your individuality. Experiment with different bold combinations and remember with STELLA NOVA, there are no rules - only endless possibilities.