Jackets And Coats

Stella Nova Wool mix coat Coat 465 PinkStella Nova Wool mix coat Coat 465 Pink
Save 60%

Wool mix coat - Pink

€219,60 €549
Stella Nova Hooded vest Waistcoat 395 NavyStella Nova Hooded vest Waistcoat 395 Navy
Save 60%

Hooded vest - Navy

€107,60 €269
Stella Nova Hooded vest Waistcoat 466 Orange RedStella Nova Hooded vest Waistcoat 466 Orange Red
Save 60%

Hooded vest - Orange Red

€107,60 €269

Stay warm and fashionable in one of our beautiful coats or jackets from STELLA NOVA. In our wardrobe of women’s coats and jackets you will see that creativity and bold design is our prime focus. With one of our functional and unique items you can express yourself while staying comfortable and toasty. Speak your truth with a beautiful coat or jacket from STELLA NOVA.  

Functional and eye-catching coats and jackets

Our items are made to be both functional and an expression of who you are. At STELLA NOVA we create fashion with a focus on the individual. Our coats for women will keep you warm and toasty by protecting you from wind and cold weather while keeping you stylish at the same time. 

During the colder months we wear our coats and jackets a lot, so why not make a statement with it and be a beacon of colour with one of our playful and bold designs? Add a splash of colour and elegance to your wardrobe with one of our heavenly creations. 

Gorgeous materials to keep you comfortable

Our coats and jackets are made from carefully selected materials such wool, cotton, polyester or nylon depending on their function and design. Wool and cotton coats usually create a more natural look whereas polyester and nylon are used to create modern designs and expressions. All our materials are chosen to keep you snug and trendy.

Coats: From business to a walk in the park

Whether your style is more elegant and sophisticated and trench coats are just your thing or you like to get creative and enjoy wearing plushy and vibrant jackets, there is something for you in each STELLA NOVA wardrobe. Four times annually we create new wardrobes that cater to both those who walk the edge and those who enjoy more traditional paths. To inspire and create value, we name each wardrobe after a specific theme. 

Treasured items for your wardrobe

At STELLA NOVA the focal point is the creation of the perfect must-have wardrobe where every style consists of little treasures that each tell their own story. Once you find a coat or jacket that appeals to you and expresses who you are, you are more likely to keep using it season after season which creates a more sustainable wardrobe. 

Find your forever coat at STELLA NOVA.