STELLA NOVA was founded in 2002 by designer and creative director Trine Skoller.

”The focal point is the creation of the perfect must-have wardrobe where every item consists of little treasures, that each tell their own story. We work with contrasts, as we think that only where opposites meet, is it possible to create a new story.
In a world that has enough, it is our aim to create unique styles that women will want in their wardrobe now and forever.” - Trine Skoller

Today, STELLA NOVA is a leading Danish fashion brand that has created four annual wardrobes. 

STELLA NOVA's success can be attributed to its innovative spirit and genuinely committed team.

May you enjoy STELLA’s wardrobe as much as we do…

At STELLA NOVA, we have an overall focus on the well-being of the people who work with us. Our aim is to minimize rules. We aspire to foster a company culture characterized by a flat organizational structure, guided by the fundamental principles of "freedom by responsibility" and "common sense". 
We emphasize promoting the synergy between the individual and the team, as we believe this is crucial to our success. Every employee is an indispensable part of the bigger puzzle.

As management, we see it as our task to facilitate both the individual employee and the team so that everyone has the necessary information to make the relevant decisions within their area of responsibility. We prioritize a safe working environment where every employee feels comfortable asking questions when doubts or concerns arise instead of spending unnecessary time speculating.

Our goal is that all employees are happy and motivated in their daily work. A central part of our everyday life as a team is that we treat each other properly and we accept and respect that we are all different.